These are some of my sewing projects. I hope I can inspire you to sew something.

Embroidered Primitive Pillow

XXL Bali Tote Bag


 Bordered Rag Quilt Tutorial

This blanket was made for my husbands Aunt for Christmas. I used Moda-Grace fabric in 9 inch squares and half squares around the border. My finished quilt was so beautiful that I wanted to keep it. My quilt measures roughly 63x84. Fits a twin size bed. Lets get started on the tutorial. You will need the following supplies.

1.) Set of 35 fat quarters of Moda Fabric: Grace
2.) All Natural bedding- Twin Size Bag
3.) Rotary cutter & mat
4.) Muslin 2.5 yards on a 60in bolt
5.) Two spools of Coats & Clark (Brown Seal thread 8380) 500 yds each spool
6.) Scissors or Cutting snips to rag the quilt
7.) Quilting Pins

You want to cut two 9 inch blocks from each fat quarter (70 total)
Cut Muslin into 9 inch blocks (86 total) 
Cut batting into 8 inch squares (86 total)
Lay out your fabrics to decide how you want the quilt to look. I tried to keep from butting up similar patterns.
After that, lay your batting in the middle of the muslin square. The batting will be a half inch smaller than the block. Top with printed fabric, you can pin the corners if you like. Then sew on the diagonal from corner to corner on each block. Sew a chain of blocks all going in the same direction. Snip all threads and sew another chain sewing the opposite corner to corner to make a X on the block. Do the same thing to your 16 muslin squares.

Pin at the seams of each block to make sure the blocks are lining up properly. Then take it to the sewing machine and start to sew rows together with all the "seams up" on the printed fabric side of the quilt. I found it easier to sew two rows at a time and then sew those two sets together until they were all sewn together. Once all rows are sewn together you can sew the muslin blocks or border blocks. After they have an X in the middle cut your muslin blocks in halves. This will be your border. Make sure that the 1/2 free edge is to the outer edge of the quilt.

 Sew seven of the 1/2 blocks in a row and then pin together the 1/2 blocks to the blanket and sew together. Lined up with the print blocks. Next add 10 half blocks to the long side of the quilt. Then you are all done sewing. Now you have to snip around all the blocks & boarder to give your quilt the rag quilt look. You can use scissors or snip scissors. Cut 1/4 inch cuts all along the edges. Do NOT cut through the sewing line. Wash 2-3 times. Make sure to check you lint filter often in the dryer because it will fill up quickly. Your quilt is done. You can modify the pattern to any size you want. This technique makes beautiful baby blankets with flannels and no batting.

This rag quilt tote was made from Moda-Grace fabrics also. It is a Christmas gift for my mother-in-law. Using 3inch blocks

Rag quilt pillow- Christmas gift for my husbands other Aunt. Behind pillow is another pillow that hasn't been stuffed yet.

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